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Hello there

If you want a thoughtful, personal and unique design or piece of art, you’re in the right place! With much passion I create greeting cards, wall art, canvas (3d) paintings, logo’s, paper jewelry, illustrations, website designs and much more. Not everything I do is posted on my website, so if you want to know more about my work and need some hearty creativity, please feel free to contact me. Some of my work on this website is for sale but some posts are also pure inspirational, to bring some joy, give you a creativity boost or maybe help build some self-awareness.

Hearty and Creative

This website reflects what I do and where I focus on: Hearty and Creative living. But what does that stand for? Hearty stands for being warm-hearted, genuine, exuberant, wholehearted, strong and well. Creative stands for imagining, expressing and creating. These are inherent words guiding me through life and the work that I do – where I combine my passions art, design, health and happiness.  

You’ve seen something you like

You can contact me through social media, share my work or if it’s about anything specific you’re interested in, you can also send me an email. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

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Patricia Mulder