The Pink Bird & Blue Bird

The Birds

I had a concept in mind for a fun but educating bookmark for children and started with doing some sketching on paper. Soon after I came up with the idea of the Birds, I used my iPad to illustrate the Pink Bird & Blue Bird. The Blue Bird illustration I’ve used to put on the bookmark children can use when reading.

Reading buddy

It’s educating and multifunctional in a way that they can write down page numbers they found interesting and/or dribble one of the symbols to instantly describe they liked something, want to share something (with a friend or family member) or need to practice that specific part more. It’s also a way for the parents to check up how their kids doing with their reading/learning and see if they maybe want to share something or need help.

After children finished their book, they can save their bookmark and collect others as well to see and remind them of what they’ve read and reflect on the books they’ve read. It makes reading more fun and interesting!

The bookmark

The Pink Bird & Blue Bird

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